VeloDB Enterprise


VeloDB Enterprise is the commercial version provided by VeloDB for Apache Doris. It is recommended to be used on-premises, on VMs or K8s to achieve better operational and development experiences compared to the community version, as well as stronger support for security and stability.

Long-Term Core Versions

Open-source core versions iterate rapidly, offering users the experience of new features and functionalities at the cost of some stability. In contrast to the open-source version, enterprise editions provide a stable distribution with long-term support, offering exclusive fixes for critical bugs on a daily basis to ensure stability in production environments.

  • Stability : A stable core tested rigorously through extensive use by the community and strict testing.
  • Long-Term Support (LTS) : Offers LTS versions with 12-24 months of support, regularly releasing bugfix versions.
  • Compatibility : Fully compatible with the Doris community edition, allowing seamless migration. After community updates, VeloDB will also provide corresponding distributions to ensure alignment with the latest features and optimizations.

Operations and Development Tools

We provide a one-stop database cluster management tool that offers users a simple and user-friendly visual operations experience through an intuitive interface. This significantly enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors and interruptions, and improves service quality and stability.

  • Cluster Deployment and Takeover :Whether it's on-premises, on VMs or K8s, VeloDB Manager can easily deploy and take over your Doris cluster. No more complex command-line operations are needed, everything can be done through an intuitive interface.
  • Flexible Cluster Management :Perform scaling, restarting, upgrading, and parameter configuration operations on the cluster as needed. This will greatly enhance business flexibility and system availability.
  • Monitor and Alerts :VeloDB Manager comes with a set of predefined monitoring metrics and supports customizable alert notifications. Users can set alert thresholds and notification methods according to their needs to promptly receive information about cluster operations, enabling early warning and proactive issue resolution.
  • Convenient WebUI :A WebUI entrance is provided for each cluster, allowing users to easily query, view data, and manage permissions.

Paid Technical Support Services

VeloDB, built by the founding team of Apache Doris, is capable of providing fast and industry-leading technical support to address any concerns related to using Doris in production environments. VeloDB Enterprise offers professional paid technical support based on service level agreements (SLAs) tailored to your specific needs. This support includes:

  • Risk Mitigation :Conduct routine inspections to promptly identify and eliminate potential system risks.
  • Issue Resolution :Strict service level agreements to ensure dedicated support 24/7; exclusive fixes for critical bugs provided with daily updates.
  • System Optimization :Enhance system performance and cost-effectiveness through product usage training, sharing of industry best practices, and collaborative optimization efforts with customers.