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VeloDB Manager 24.0.x

VeloDB Manager 24.0.3

July 17, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Support Doris Core 3.0.x (compute-storage coupled mode) deployment.
  • Add version relationship restrictions between Manager and core versions.
  • Fix the issue with creating Query Statistics alarm strategies.
  • Fix the issue of incorrect BE storage path recognition during upgrade directory checks.
  • Fix the issue of agent auto-upgrade failures.
  • Optimize invalid status prompts for clusters and nodes.
  • Fix the issue with incomplete display of upgrade check error messages.

VeloDB Manager 24.0.2

June 14, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue of incorrect process information retrieval when the manager is hosting.
  • Resolve the issue of incomplete log viewing due to inconsistent Doris log directories.
  • Rectify the issue where the status of the restarting node remains as "Restarting".
  • Fix the incorrect FE/BE Not Alive alert expression.
  • Address the incorrect value displayed for IO Util in the host interface.
  • Resolve the issue of the manager initialization page repeatedly re-entering.
  • Correct the text related to checking if transparent hugepages are disabled.
  • Optimize the cluster upgrade logic by adjusting the pre-check to before initiating the upgrade operation.
  • Support filtering label fields for BE nodes.
  • Improve the error prompts for machine parameter checks, add agent restart prompts, and remove ssh information prompts.

VeloDB Manager 24.0.1

May 6, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue where BE shrinkage gets stuck.
  • Fix the problem of garbled content in internal messages.
  • Optimize error prompts for machine parameter checks, add agent restart prompts, and remove SSH information prompts.
  • Add a percentage configuration for connections in the alarm strategy.
  • Fix the issue where a single set of manager services supports deploying multiple agents on a single machine.
  • Fix the problem where after stopping the FE node, the logs show a normal shutdown but the page still shows it as being in a stopped state.
  • Fix the inconsistency issue between the BE node PID and the record after upgrading the cluster.

VeloDB Manager 24.0.0

April 1, 2024

New Features

  • Upgrade control to Agent mode, enabling direct HTTP communication between Agent and Server for enhanced security.
  • Add support for task auditing, providing detailed information such as operation time, operator, and content for each task.
  • Deployment and scaling support additional computing nodes dedicated to data computation only, separate from data storage.
  • Support regular inspections, with the ability to configure inspection cycles as needed and send notifications accordingly.
  • Enhance monitoring module with machine metrics monitoring at the host level.
  • Include pre-configured alarm templates based on best practices for quick and flexible setup of alarm rules.

VeloDB Manager 23.11.x

VeloDB Manager 23.11.9

July 17, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Support Doris Core 3.0.x (compute-storage coupled mode) deployment.
  • Add version relationship restrictions between Manager and core versions.
  • Fix the issue with creating Query Statistics alarm strategies.
  • Support stopping nodes when the Doris Manager cluster is abnormal.
  • Optimize invalid status prompts for clusters and nodes.
  • Fix the issue with incomplete display of upgrade check error messages.

VeloDB Manager 23.11.8

June 7, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixe the problem of getting wrong process information when manager is hosting
  • Fixe the problem that the status of the restarted node is always restarting
  • Fixe the problem that the IO Util in the host interface displays wrong values
  • Fixe the problem of repeatedly entering the manager initialization page
  • Fixe the text problem of checking whether the transparent large page is closed
  • Optimize the cluster upgrade logic and adjusted the pre-check to before the upgrade is initiated
  • BE node label field supports filtering
  • Remove avx check when deploying FE

VeloDB Manager 23.11.7

May 6, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Add label-based filtering to support Jobs alert policies
  • Fix the issue of garbled text in site messages on the manager page
  • Fix the problem where the automatic startup script for the Doris cluster was not working
  • Add a new configuration for fe connections percentage in alert policies
  • Fix the issue of slow response when querying the doris_be_cpu chart in Grafana

VeloDB Manager 23.11.6

April 1, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the problem of failed alert email notifications
  • Fix the vulnerability scanning problem with PostgreSQL
  • Fix the issue of incorrect display of some metric units and alert conditions
  • Fix the issue of not displaying error information for managed clusters
  • Resolve the error occurring during the execution of the manager startup script
  • Add the configuration for FE load balancing proxy addresses

VeloDB Manager 23.11.5

March 18, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade Gragana to address security vulnerabilities identified in older versions during vulnerability scans
  • Optimize detection logic for obtaining package types during expansion
  • Update cluster node upgrade checks to include machine time synchronization
  • Enhance display information for inspections
  • Optimize logic for data directory utilization during expansion

VeloDB Manager 23.11.4

February 23, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the problem of view check judgment when shrinking or upgrading
  • Fix the problem that the FE node Master role is not displayed during expansion and contraction
  • Fix the problem that the number of BE nodes is greater than 3 before the node is reduced, and the number of BE nodes is less than 3 after the node is reduced. The problem cannot be reduced.
  • Optimize Grafana weak password problem
  • Replace the jdk of the Manager installation package with open jdk
  • WebUI and Manager optimize standard output file size

VeloDB Manager 23.11.1

December 22, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the problem of node role Master information display
  • Fix the problem of abnormal notification and alarm sending in the site
  • Fix the configuration problem when the database uses MySQL8
  • Fix issue with version number selection for managed arm and noavx clusters
  • Fix the alarm module mailbox information separator bug
  • Create expansion to remove the strong dependence on the audit loader folder
  • Optimize deployment, expansion and contraction, and upgrade check logic
  • Optimize the repair suggestions for some inspection items

VeloDB Manager 23.11.0

December 8, 2023

New Features

  • Initialization allows specifying case sensitivity when creating a cluster.
  • Upgrade supports choosing whether to perform backups.
  • The velodb-doris cluster supports a separate deployment of WebUI.
  • Service modules support status viewing, restart, and stop functionalities.
  • Node additions include common Frontend (FE) and Backend (BE) port information, version details, and startup time.

VeloDB Manager 23.10.x

VeloDB Manager 23.10.5

December 1, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Optimize the logic for retrying node startup to prevent timeout retries from affecting process startup.
  • Optimize the logic for scaling down Back-End (BE) nodes, supporting manual DROP of nodes when tablet count is non-zero.
  • When entering node SSH information, if there is back-and-forth switching and SSH password is ultimately chosen, the frontend may transmit obsolete SSH key information into the SSH password information. Backend storage of this information can lead to control operation failures.
  • Optimize the logic for decompressing during the version compatibility check phase in cluster upgrade.
  • Fix Bug where modifying Doris paths does not take effect in the control (ctrl) system.
  • When accessing the monitoring page, support entering domain information for Grafana in the service configuration.

VeloDB Manager 23.10.1

November 13, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Bug where the control service does not release the connection after remote SSH command execution.
  • Fix Bug where the service configuration update does not reload existing cluster information after monitoring deployment.
  • Fix Bug in the log service where reading remote files does not clean up unused resources on schedule.

VeloDB Manager 23.10.0

November 10, 2023

New Features

  • Log Viewing: Supports viewing and querying logs from Front-End (FE) and Back-End (BE) nodes, facilitating offline troubleshooting of cluster issues.
  • Node List: Added display of WebUI nodes and support for starting and stopping nodes.
  • Cluster Restart: Cluster restart supports both full restart and rolling restart modes.
  • Resource Groups: Supports labeling BE nodes, automatically grouping nodes with the same label into a resource group.

VeloDB Manager 23.9.x

VeloDB Manager 23.9.3

November 3, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Error Occurs when Modifying Configuration with "file_cache_path" Inclusion
  • Fix the Issue of Mutual Logouts between WebUI and Manager when logged in on the same machine.

VeloDB Manager 23.9.2

October 27, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Check Deployment Directory Space Bug
  • Modify Configuration File; Backend throws an error if a new key that does not exist in the old configuration file is added.
  • Fix Bug where some components of the web server are not upgraded during the upgrade process.

VeloDB Manager 23.9.0

October 13, 2023

New Features


  • Service Configuration: Automatically deploy dependent service components through web services. Additionally, it supports modification of service configuration content and self-upgrade of the manager.
  • User System: Allows the creation of new users and roles, with the ability to configure corresponding roles for users.
  • Deployment/Scaling with Node Personalized Configuration: New deployments and cluster scaling support customization of parameters such as ports and deployment directories, along with automatic control mode configuration.
  • Parameter Configuration: Supports custom editing of node configuration files, and individual nodes allow viewing all running parameters.
  • Node List: Supports the startup and shutdown of Front-End (FE) nodes, with the display of Master node roles.


  • Data Exploration: Data exploration functionality for log query.
  • Auto Save: Supports automatic saving of session windows. Saved session windows allow the creation of new folders for organizing sessions.

VeloDB Manager 23.7.x

VeloDB Manager 23.7.8

October 07, 2023

  • Manager supports upgrading Doris to version 2.0.2 and higher.

VeloDB Manager 23.7.6

September 22, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Manager is incompatible with the encoding of CPU/Memory/Network information, preventing successful cluster creation due to database storage issues.
  • WebUI queries for datetime types now display precision up to milliseconds.

VeloDB Manager 23.7.3

September 01, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Support for restarting inactive nodes.
  • Optimize stop operations to enhance idempotence.
  • Resolve issues related to systemd leftovers when creating and then taking over through the manager.
  • Cancel the management of brokers when taking over the cluster.
  • Compatibility with script execution on Ubuntu systems.

VeloDB Manager 23.7.0

August 10, 2023

New Features

  • Deploy Cluster : Deploy Apache Doris clusters on physical machines or virtual machines through Doris Manager.
  • Take Over Cluster : Take over existing Apache Doris clusters into Doris Manager for operation and monitoring.
  • Cluster Details : View the operational status, details, and connection information of the cluster.
  • Cluster Scaling : Scale up or down FE and BE nodes within the cluster.
  • Cluster Upgrade : Conveniently upgrade the cluster version, providing options for full-service stop upgrades and online rolling upgrades. Choose the upgrade method that suits your business scenario.
  • Cluster Restart : Restart the entire cluster, FE, BE, or specific nodes.
  • Node Details : View real-time status and machine information of nodes.
  • Monitoring Alerts : Check predefined monitoring metrics, set up alerts for monitoring metrics, and receive alerts via email, chat software, Webhooks, etc.
  • Parameter Configuration : Display and configure critical parameters, allowing modifications on a single or batch basis.
  • Cluster Inspection : Perform a one-click check on machine conditions and cluster operational status, promptly discover and locate performance bottlenecks, and provide repair suggestions.
  • WebUI : Access the entrance to the cluster's WebUI.