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Deploy VeloDB/Doris on Kubernetes
Used by Root users

Used by Root users

Doris-Operator uses the root account without password mode when deploying and managing related service nodes. The username and password can only be reset after deployment.

Modify root account and password

  1. Refer to the Privilege Management (opens in a new tab) document, modify or create the corresponding password or account name, and give the account the permission to manage nodes in Doris.

  2. An example of adding spec.adminUser.* to the configuration in the DorisCluster CRD file is as follows:

  kind: DorisCluster
      selectdb/doriscluster: doriscluster-sample
    labels: doris-sample
    name: doris-sample
    namespace: doris
      name: root
      password: root_pwd
  1. Update the new account and password to the deployed DorisCluster, and issue them through Doris-Operator so that each node can sense and take effect. Reference command:
  kubectl apply --namespace ${your_namespace} -f ${your_crd_yaml_file} 


  • The cluster management account is root and has no password by default.
  • The username and password can only be reset after successful deployment. During initial deployment, adding adminUser may cause startup exceptions.
  • Modifying the user name and password is not a necessary operation. Only when the current cluster management user (default root) or password is modified in Doris, it needs to be issued through Doris-Operator.
  • If you modify the user name, you need to assign the new user the permission to manage Doris nodes.
  • This operation restarts all nodes in sequence.