VeloDB Cloud
Management Guide
Registration and Login

Registration and Login

VeloDB Cloud supports a login-as-registration scheme. Registration is done the first time you log in with a verification code. Registered users can log in with a verification code or a password.

Click (opens in a new tab) to enter the VeloDB Cloud login page.

Tip VeloDB Cloud includes two independent account systems: One is used for logging into the console, as described in this topic. The other one is used to connect to the warehouse, which is described in the Connections topic.

New User Registration

New users can directly log in with a verification code, and VeloDB Cloud will automatically complete the new user registration.

Note There may be a delay in receiving the verification code. Please wait or try again. If you still can't, please contact us (opens in a new tab).

Change Password

After login, click User Menu > Profile to change the login password for the VeloDB Cloud console.

Once you have successfully changed the password for the first time, you can use the password for subsequent logins.

User Login

Registered users can log in by password or verification code as needed.

Organization Management

Organization is the billing unit. Each organization will be billed individually. We recommend that you divide organizations by cost unit, and one user can be affiliated to multiple organizations.

Multiple warehouses can be created under one organization, and the data of different warehouses are isolated.

In Organization Management, you can view all the organizations and roles that you are in.

You can switch the current organization in the menu bar - switch organization in the user menu.

Access Control

Role Management

There are three roles by default in an organization, and you can create multiple custom roles.

Manage Access ControlManage BillingManage OrganizationManage Warehouse
Organization AdminYesYesYesAll warehouse: Create / Edit / View / Query / Monitor
Warehouse AdminNoNoNoAll warehouse: Edit / View / Query / Monitor
Warehouse ViewNoNoNoAll warehouse: View / Query / Monitor
  • View existing roles:

  • New role:

You can specify the role name and its corresponding privileges during creation.

Custom roles can also be deleted or edited.

The user who creates the organization will be the organization administrator role by default.

User Management

Organization administrators can invite new users to the current organization and grant different roles.

New users can join the organization by activating the link in the invitation email.


You can find notifications in the lower left corner. Users, organizations, authorized warehouses, cluster operations, and alarms in the platform will be notified to remind users when they are triggered.